Why Should You Hire a Professional Tree Trimming Company


With the growth of YouTube tutorials, home improvement blogs, and online DIY shows, homeowners are taking a lot of their home maintenance into their own hands. However, there are some home improvement projects that should be left to the professionals – tree trimming being one of them. If you’re debating between hiring a professional or DIYing your next tree trimming project, this blog post is for you; below we will cover why choosing a tree trimming professional is the safer choice for you and your pocket. 

Reason #1: Tools are Pricey

A lot of tree trimming jobs cannot be completed with your run of the mill tools; even the projects that are completed with chainsaws and other familiar tools, the versions professionals use are created for high-use and high-stake projects. A majority of the time it does not make sense to invest in a tool that you will only use once as the cost of the tool will often be significantly higher than just hiring a professional for tree removal. 

Reason #2: Removal Can Be Dangerous

Tree trimming is risky; combining heights, power tools, and precocious limber can be a deadly combination. When you hire a team of professionals, not only do they have years of experience handling those exact situations, but they also have entire teams working together on the tree trimming project, as well as essential personal protective equipment. Trying to trim a tree by yourself is dangerous, and can even be deadly. 

Reason #3: Trimming is Not One-Size-Fits-All

While you may think all tree trimming is the same, an experienced professional knows that is never the case. Not only are there thousands of tree variations, but tree trimming needs can vary based on seasonality and a dozen other possibilities. The last thing you want to do is trim a tree incorrectly or when another treatment plan would be preferred; the incorrect action could kill the tree or lead to further issues down the line. 

Reason #4: Prevent Property Damage

When you trim off tree limbs and branches, they fall and unless you appropriately plan, those heavy limbs can easily fall on and damage your home, car, or other property. On top of property damage, a falling limb could even hit a person! While sometimes your homeowner’s insurance may cover it, the headache of going through an insurance claim is something everyone would agree they would prefer to avoid. Hiring professionals greatly limits the chance that you will face any property damage. 

Reason #5: Saves Time

While not as dangerous as some of the other reasons on our list, it’s important to note that when completed by amateurs, tree trimming can be extremely time consuming. It’s better to save yourself the headache of trying to figure out the delicate balance of tree trimming and hire a professional to take care of the risky job. 

It’s clear that hiring a professional for your tree trimming needs is not only a safer option, but also a time saving one. For all your tree trimming needs in the Central Texas area, look no further than Brents Tree Service. Give us a call today!