Benefits of Trimming Trees in the Summer


Summertime, especially during this unprecedented pandemic, is really a great time to catch up on work and projects around the home – even the ones we’ve been avoiding. One of those tasks that we should be tackling is tree trimming; however, this isn’t something that you should try to handle yourself. Instead, hire a team of professionals to trim your trees and check it off your to-do list. If you need more motivation to complete the project, check out these benefits of trimming your trees in the summer below! 

1. Dead and Damaged Branch Removal

The most common reason tree trimming makes it on a homeowner’s radar, dead and damaged tree branch removal is a smart thing to do during the summer. When you remove dead, damaged, or diseased limbs during these warm summer months, you’re actually giving your tree an improved chance for robust growth. On top of the enhanced growth benefits, trimming your tree in the summer will help minimize the chance that the damaged limb will fall and wreak havoc. 

2. Boost Tree Growth

Similar to the improved growth you will see when you remove damaged branches in the summer, overall pruning of your tree will also enhance tree growth. The general recommendation is to prune back any weak tree growth about three inches from the end of each leafy shoot. This pruning will jumpstart the growth of the tree and provide the shade and beauty you’re craving for your property. 

3. Prevent Pest Infestation

To prevent mites and aphids from totally infesting your tree, remove diseased and damaged branches caused by pesky critters in the summer. The removal of these damaged branches will prevent your entire tree from becoming infested and as with any pruning or branch removal, you will notice your tree jumpstart its’ growth. 

4. Improve Tree Strength

With summer tree trimming, you’re setting your tree branches up to grow in the directions you want them to. Proper pruning will also open up your tree canopy to allow light and air to more easily reach the tree trunk allowing the tree to stay healthy. The removal of dead limbs and branches will prevent further stress and damage that will prevent the tree from maximizing its growth potential. 

5. Fruit Tree Development

By pruning your fruit trees in the summer you’re giving your fruit tree the best chance for growth and healthy fruit production. Summer pruning will result in increased light and air circulation, improved branch development, and improved branch strength. Cherry and apricot fruit trees in particular, are perfect candidates for summer pruning as pruning in a rainy season is asking for tree disease. If you’re curious about the best time to prune your specific fruit tree, our team at Brents Tree Service can point you in the right direction. 

Tree pruning should always be done by seasoned professionals, and for those in Central Texas, Brents Tree Service can take care of all of your tree pruning and trimming needs. Contact us today!