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Ball Moss Removal

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Brents Tree Service Arborist Services
Brents Tree Service Arborist Services
Brents Tree Service Arborist Services

Have you seen this on your live oaks? What you see above is commonly known as ball moss but it’s not actually moss. It is considered a plant because it flowers and also produces seeds. It will commonly attach itself to not only trees but also fences. The misconception about ball moss is that it is a parasite that takes nutrients from the tree it is attached to for its benefit and survival. The reason for this misconception is because most of the limbs that ball moss is found on are dead or declining. Ball moss actually starts to grow in areas within the tree canopy that are receiving low levels of sunlight, little access to wind, and have high humidity. These dead or dying tree limbs have actually been damaged by these environmental conditions rather than the ball moss. Ball moss will actually exacerbate the humidity and low sunlight levels to these limbs making the decline much faster. By taking care of ball moss, you will also be helping to avoid tree removal, as you’re taking a proactive step to limiting the tree damage. Now let’s talk about how we can remove it.

Ball Moss

How We Control Ball Moss

At Brents Tree Service, we provide ball moss removal services. We can provide a couple different options to remedy ball moss on your property. We can climb the tree and pick the ball moss or we can provide tree pruning to the infected tree limbs. If you have tree branches and limbs that are in decline then we may also recommend tree trimming services as to increase the chances of the infected tree’s healthy growth. The Texas A&M Forestry Department recommends this 2-step process as well. If this is the case then we would not only recommend trimming the dead or dying limbs but we would also recommend the thinning of the canopy to allow more sunlight and a better environment for the tree to breathe helping reduce the conditions that attracted ball moss, to begin with. If we do provide tree trimming to your live oaks then depending on what time of year it is, we will take the right steps to reduce the risk of oak wilt with tree wound dressing.

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