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Has your neighborhood experienced a storm recently? After the skies had cleared, you may have noticed broken tree limbs, branches scattered across the yard, and perhaps even a trunk lying on the ground. When storms harm your trees, the consequences for your property can be severe and urgent.

If your trees have been damaged by such a storm, turn to the team at Brents Tree Service for quick assistance. No matter the type of inclement weather that has affected your valued trees, our qualified crew will be at your side in no time to assist you in cleaning up the damage.

With our advanced cleanup equipment, years of training, and top-notch credentials, we’ve become the number one choice for storm clean-up services in the neighborhood. Our goal is to offer a top-quality and professional customer experience as we look to help residents in our region maintain their trees after severe weather events.

For comprehensive cleanup, contact us at (512) 310-8789 and make an appointment immediately.

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Brents Tree Service Arborist Services
Brents Tree Service Arborist Services
Brents Tree Service Arborist Services

Storm Damage


When a storm hits, it's not always just about the immediate impact. The aftermath can also be challenging to handle. From dealing with the mess left behind by the storm to ensuring the safety and restoration of your property, there are several critical tasks Brents Tree Service can help you with:

Cleaning Widespread Debris: A storm can scatter branches, twigs, leaves, and other debris all over your property that will need to be cleaned up. We bring the supplies and techniques required to remove all mess and restore your yard to its previous condition.

Damaged Trees: Trees might be uprooted or have broken branches that could pose a danger if not properly addressed. We're experienced tree removal specialists who can remove all tree-related hazards from your property.

Structural Damage: There could be damage to your property, such as fallen trees or branches on buildings, fences, or power lines. We can help you address these issues by removing any tree-related debris.

Stress and Uncertainty: Post-storm cleanup can be overwhelming and stressful. This is why having a professional storm cleanup service in your corner can be so helpful. We take on the task of cleanup and restoration, letting you focus on what's most important.

Remember, safety is key in these situations. It's important not to rush into cleaning up without taking proper precautions or getting professional help.

Benefits of Hiring a Storm Damage Restoration Company

When nature unleashes its fury in the form of storms, your property may bear the brunt of its force, leaving behind a mess and damage. In such challenging times, enlisting the services of a professional storm damage restoration company like Brents Tree Service can be the key to a swift and effective recovery.

Here are some compelling benefits of hiring experts in storm damage restoration:

  • Rapid response and emergency services: Storm damage doesn't wait for convenient hours, and neither should the restoration guaranteeing a fast response to mitigate further damage and secure your property.
  • Expert assessment and planning: Trained professionals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to accurately assess the extent of the storm damage. Their expertise allows for a comprehensive plan of action, addressing not only visible issues but also underlying hidden damages that may lead to future problems.
  • Efficient restoration process: Storm damage restoration companies streamline the recovery process with efficient workflows and access to advanced equipment. Specialized processes help accelerate the restoration timeline, allowing you to return to normalcy sooner.
  • Insurance assistance: Dealing with lengthy insurance claims can be a complex and time-consuming process. Most storm damage restoration experts are well-versed in navigating insurance requirements and assisting you in documenting and filing claims to ensure a smoother reimbursement process.
  • Prevention of secondary damages: Professional tree experts repair the visible damage and take preventive measures to avoid associated issues like mold growth or structural deterioration. This proactive approach safeguards your property from long-term repercussions.
  • Cost-effective solutions: While DIY efforts may seem tempting, they can lead to costly mistakes. Hiring professionals ensures that the restoration process is done right the first time, saving you money in the long run and preventing further damage.
  • Peace of mind: Facing storm damage can be overwhelming, but entrusting the restoration to experts allows you to focus on other priorities while knowing that skilled professionals are working diligently to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Our Service Includes Storm Debris Removal

At Brents Tree Service, we understand the aftermath of a storm can leave your property cluttered with debris, posing safety hazards and hindering the recovery process. Our storm cleanup service included storm debris removal. We will inspect your premises for fallen branches, scattered leaves, and any other storm-related residue.

Equipped with heavy-duty equipment and a dedicated team, we ensure a thorough cleanup, allowing you to resume normalcy without the burden of post-storm mess.


In some cases, a tree might be beyond repair and need to be removed from your property. In such situations, having an experienced team of arborists on hand is invaluable. Our tree removal services are designed to ensure safe and efficient operations for large-scale removals and hazardous trees that have been damaged by storms or floods.

What's more, our team will ensure that the area is properly filled after removal and that no further damage to your property occurs. With Brents Tree Service, you can be sure that the cleanup process will run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to start rebuilding without any delays.


Floods can have a devastating impact on your trees, saturating root systems and often leading to soil erosion. These conditions can weaken trees, making them susceptible to disease and insect infestations, as well as potential uprooting in future storms. Additionally, floodwaters may deposit debris in the trees or on your property, making cleanup a daunting task.

However, with Brents Tree Service, you needn't worry. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to efficiently handle flood damage cleanup. We remove any debris lodged in your trees and help assess the damage to your greenery, offering solutions to help in the recovery and healing of your trees post-flood.


When disaster strikes, there's no room for delay—that's why we provide swift, reliable aid in your hour of need. The aftermath of a storm is chaotic and potentially dangerous, but our team at Brents Tree Service is ready and equipped to respond quickly.

Our professionally trained crew can handle the most challenging of situations, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. With our emergency services, you can count on us to work efficiently to mitigate further damage so that you can start the restoration process.


In the aftermath of a storm, you may find your property littered with broken branches, uprooted trees, and general tree debris. This is where Brents Tree Service's comprehensive tree services come into play. We provide prompt and efficient tree removal, trimming, and pruning to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Our team of skilled arborists is equipped to handle any tree-related challenges post-storm, ensuring your property is safe and debris-free. With Brents Tree Service, you can rest assured knowing that your tree cleanup needs are in the hands of trusted professionals.


Storm cleanup is no small task, and having the appropriate equipment is essential for efficient operations. Our fleet of specialized machinery is designed to handle the toughest debris removal jobs. From large-scale wood chippers to high-pressure washers, our tools are perfect for clearing away fallen trees, branches, leaves, and other materials quickly and safely.

Our team of trained operators has the know-how and experience to ensure your cleanup is handled quickly and efficiently.


The last thing you want is for those cleaning up your property to be injured while attempting to mitigate the effects of a storm. That's why we're committed to providing the necessary safety equipment for our team. Our staff is outfitted with personal protective gear such as hard hats, gloves, and goggles to ensure they're well-protected while performing their duties on your property.

In addition to our team's safety, we ensure that all debris is cleared and disposed of properly, so you don't have to worry about any environmental hazards or other potential risks.


Dealing with insurance claims after a storm can be a complex and confusing task. At Brents Tree Service, we understand the intricacies of this process and offer our assistance to guide you through it. We work with you to document the damage, prepare the necessary paperwork, and provide the necessary evidence, helping you get the compensation you deserve.


Proper and consistent property maintenance can't be overstated in the context of mitigating potential storm damage. The upkeep of your landscape, such as regular pruning of trees and removal of dead or weak branches, can significantly reduce the risk of damage during a storm.

In addition, maintaining the structural integrity of your buildings, fences, and other property features ensures resilience against harsh weather conditions.

With a partner like Brents Tree Service, you can trust our comprehensive property maintenance services to fortify your property and enhance its readiness against future storms.


Land clearing is a crucial step in disaster preparedness. Unwanted vegetation, overgrown bushes, and decaying trees can all become potential hazards in the event of a storm or other natural disaster.

By keeping your property clear and free of such risks, you not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also reduce the chances of damage during adverse weather conditions. Our land clearing services are designed to make your property safer, easier to maintain, and more resilient against potential disasters.

Restore Your Yard With Our Professional Storm-Damage Cleanup Services

When a storm takes our region by surprise, there’s little time to prepare your property for whatever mother nature throws its way. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do once the weather clears—and even more that you can accomplish with the help of our professional storm-damage cleanup services.

When you choose us, you’re choosing an experienced group of tree-cutting and removal specialists dedicated to the safety of you and your property. You’re also choosing a team of quick-responding professionals with all the licensing, insurance, certifications, and equipment needed to make quick work of any tree debris cleanup job.

Don’t take any chances. Hire proven experts with an excellent reputation for serving our community. Reach us at (512) 310-8789 today for more information on our full suite of post-storm tree cleanup services.

Our Tree Debris Cleanup Process Starts with a Risk-Free Consultation

Over the years, we’ve refined our tree debris cleanup process to make it as safe and affordable as possible. Each of our after-storm services begins with a risk-free consultation.

During this meeting, we’ll ask questions to learn more about your project's scope, the damage's extent, and any challenges the situation presents. Then, we’ll equip you with a value-driven estimate that will make fitting our professional tree-clearing services into your budget that much easier.

Our cleanup process typically entails a combination of one or more of the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Damage and safety assessment
  • Tree cutting
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree limb removal
  • Brush removal
  • Stump removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Debris haul-aways

As an industry-leading storm damage cleanup company, we’re here to help you restore beauty, function, and value to your yard. Do you have questions about our cleanup and debris haul-away processes? We have answers.

Contact us for more information about what we’ll do to complete our work to the highest safety and industry standards.

Common Types of Tree Damage Caused by Storms

Several types of tree damage can be caused by storms, including:

  • Broken branches: Strong winds can completely break or snap branches off the tree.
  • Uprooted trees: Heavy rains and strong winds can loosen the soil around the tree roots, causing the tree to uproot and fall over.
  • Crown damage: The top of the tree or the crown can be damaged by wind, lightning, or hail.
  • Trunk damage: Strong winds or falling debris can split, cracked, or broken the tree trunk.
  • Leaning trees: Strong winds can cause trees to lean or bend in a direction they usually wouldn't.
  • Root damage: Heavy rains or floods can wash away the soil around the tree roots, exposing them to the elements and causing damage.
  • Bark damage: Hail, strong winds, or falling debris can damage the bark of a tree, leaving it vulnerable to pests and disease.
  • Limb failure: Overburdened branches can break off, leading to limb failure and structural damage.

It's essential to address any tree damage as soon as possible to prevent further problems and to ensure the safety of people and property around the affected tree. Contact our team today to find out more about what we’ll do to restore value to your landscape.

Why Removing Broken Branches Is Important

Broken branches left unattended post-storm can pose serious risks to your property and compromise the safety of its occupants. These remnants can become potential hazards during subsequent storms, causing further damage to structures and vehicles. They could even pose harm to individuals. Additionally, decaying or diseased branches may attract pests and compromise the health of the entire tree.

Our expert team emphasizes the importance of timely removal to mitigate these risks, promoting a safer environment and preserving the longevity of your landscape.

Why a Leaning Tree Needs to Go

A leaning tree is a potential hazard that should not be overlooked. The structural integrity of a tree compromised by a storm can lead to a heightened risk of collapse, especially during adverse weather conditions. The lean increases the likelihood of the tree falling in an unintended direction and ultimately falling over.

If you have a leaning tree on your property, we want to help. Our arborists will assess the tree's stability and provide expert guidance on the necessary course of action, ensuring all risks are mitigated quickly. If we determine the only solution is to remove it, we will walk you through our process, fees, and timeline before execution. When we wrap up our service, you can breathe easy knowing your yard has no lingering liabilities.

Post-Cleanup Stump Removal

Completing the storm cleanup process goes beyond the visible debris, and at Brents Tree Service, we recognize the importance of thorough restoration. Our comprehensive services extend to post-cleanup stump removal, ensuring your property is free from any remnants of storm-damaged trees.

Stumps pose aesthetic concerns and can become potential obstacles, hindering future landscaping or construction projects. Our technicians utilize specialized equipment to grind and remove stumps efficiently, restoring your landscape to its pre-storm state. By opting for this service, you enhance the visual appeal of your property, eliminate tripping hazards, and create a safer environment for all.

Our Damage and Tree Safety Assessment Process

Our damage and tree safety assessment process is effective and thorough, combining expertise and cutting-edge tools to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your tree health.

Here's a glimpse into our assessment process:

  • Visual inspection: Our skilled arborists conduct a thorough visual examination, identifying visible signs of damage, such as broken branches, split trunks, and uprooted trees.
  • Advanced technology: We leverage state-of-the-art technology to uncover hidden structural issues and assess the overall health of trees affected by the storm.
  • Risk evaluation: Each tree is evaluated for potential safety risks, considering factors such as proximity to structures, electrical lines, and the extent of damage. Doing this helps prioritize immediate concerns and plan for necessary interventions.
  • Tailored recommendations: Based on our thorough assessment, we provide a comprehensive report and personalized recommendations outlining a strategic plan for tree care, pruning, or removal, ensuring a comprehensive and effective recovery process.

When you partner with us, you can reap the benefits of our expertise and methods that provide you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Professional Fallen Tree Removal Service

When a storm hits so hard that trees are uprooted and tumble over, our fallen tree removal service is what you need. Our arborists and technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to safely and promptly remove fallen trees from your property. We prioritize the elimination of immediate threats and the cleanup process, ensuring your surroundings are restored to a safe and comfortable state.

With our commitment to professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive storm cleanup service tailored to meet your pressing needs. Do you need immediate service? We're waiting by the phone to answer your call-dial (512) 310-8789 now!

Factors That Determine if a Wind-Damaged Tree Can be Saved

What determines whether or not a wind-damaged tree can be saved? Here are some of the factors our tree experts look at to determine if a tree can safely remain standing or if it’ll need to be removed:

  • Severity of damage: The extent of damage to the tree is a crucial factor in determining whether it can be saved. When damage is extensive, such as the trunk being split or major branches being broken, it may not be possible to save the tree.
  • Location of damage: The location of the damage on the tree can also impact its ability to recover. When damage affects major branches or the trunk, it may be difficult for the tree to heal and recover.
  • Age and health of the tree: Older trees or trees that were already in poor health before the damage occurred may not have the ability to recover as rapidly as younger, healthier trees.
  • Tree Species: Some tree species are more resilient than others and may be better able to recover from wind damage.
  • Time of year: When damage occurs during the growing season, the tree may have a better chance of recovering as it has more energy and resources to allocate toward healing.
  • Access to sunlight and water: Trees that can still receive adequate sunlight and water may have a better chance of recovering from damage.

Do you need help figuring out which trees are in good shape and which may pose a safety or liability hazard? Phone our team for everything you need to know about assessing trees that have weathered a severe storm.

Why Is Post-Storm Tree Debris Removal Essential?

Once majestic trees can pose a major threat after they’ve been through a significant weather event. High winds, downpouring rains, and other factors can affect or shorten the natural lifespan of a tree due to damage.

Even if a tree hasn’t been completely toppled, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, other issues like insect infestation and a weakened trunk system can turn decorative and native tree species into a real hazard.

Post-storm tree debris removal is important for several reasons:


Fallen trees and branches can pose a severe safety hazard, blocking roads and sidewalks and potentially causing injury or damage to property. It's crucial to address these hazards as soon as possible to protect the safety of people and property in the surrounding area.


After a storm, tree debris can block access to roads and buildings, making it difficult or impossible for emergency responders and utility workers to reach affected areas. Removing the debris quickly can help restore access to these areas.

Preventing Further Damage

Dead or damaged trees and branches can continue to pose a threat even after the storm has passed. Removing these hazards can prevent further damage to nearby trees, buildings, and other property.

Curb Appeal

Storm damage affecting one or more of your trees can make an area look unsightly and negatively impact property values. Removing the debris can help restore the site to its pre-storm appearance.

Environmental Impact

Toppled and broken trees can have a negative impact on the environment, such as blocking waterways or impacting wildlife habitats. Proper removal and disposal of the debris can minimize these impacts.

Trust Your Storm Damage Tree Cleanup with Our Professionals

After the chaos of a storm has subsided, many people are left to deal with the aftermath. Even if trees have been uprooted and debris scattered around, you don’t have to worry—our tree company can help restore your landscape after a weather disaster.

Our services include tree removal and cleanup, stump grinding, and debris cleanup. We can also provide temporary fencing and tarping to secure your property while we work. We have the equipment and experience necessary to safely and efficiently remove trees that have been damaged or uprooted by the storm. If you’re dealing with the remnants of a big storm that’s left your yard in shambles, get in touch right away for professional assistance.

Debris Removal and Tree Cleanup Services

After a storm has blown through your area, your landscape will likely be left with a mess of fallen branches, leaves, and other debris. Our tree company offers debris cleanup and removal services to help you restore your landscape to its pre-storm condition.

Our debris cleanup and removal services include:

  • Clearing fallen branches and leaves from your property
  • Hauling away all debris from your property
  • Cleaning up any remaining mess from the storm
  • Removing any trees or limbs made unsafe by the storm

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming. Let us take care of the cleanup so you can focus on getting your life back to normal.

Removing Storm-Damaged Trees

Your trees are an important part of your landscape and can provide many benefits, including shade, privacy, and beauty. However, your trees may be damaged or even destroyed after a severe storm. If this happens, it's important to have them removed as soon as possible.

Our tree company offers storm cleanup services and can help you restore your landscape after a weather disaster. We’ll remove any downed trees and debris, ensuring your property is safe and hazard-free after the high winds and downpours. We work quickly, efficiently, and safely to ensure you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Specialized Equipment for Storm Cleanup

If your home or business has been affected by a severe storm, our tree care experts will be a valuable resource. We have the specialized equipment and experienced crew necessary to quickly and safely remove fallen trees and branches, as well as perform any needed tree pruning. In addition, we can haul away all storm debris, leaving your property clean and ready for restoration.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

Here at Brents Tree Service, we understand the urgency of storm cleanup, so you can always count on us to respond quickly and help you get your property back to its pre-storm condition. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment that can be mobilized at a moment's notice to provide tree removal, tree trimming, and other services as needed. We also have a team of certified arborists who can assess the damage and provide recommendations for repairs and removals.

Storm Damage Specialists with a History of Success

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping property owners deal with the damages to their properties caused by storms and other harsh weather. Although experience isn’t everything in the tree industry, it certainly counts for a lot—and we’re confident that we have what it takes to provide service that lives up to our reputation.

Throughout our decades in business, we’ve never stopped pushing ourselves forward and striving to provide the best services possible. We make sure that we stay current with the latest tree care and removal techniques, and we regularly update our equipment with new technology.

When it comes to storm damage cleanup, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. If you don’t want to take any chances with your property, we recommend contacting a local company that has proven its capabilities many times before.

Our Customers Appreciate Our Storm Cleanup Services

You don’t have to take out word for it when we say we’re an excellent choice for any storm cleanup task. Ask any of our former clients, and they’re guaranteed to attest that we were able to take the stress and uncertainty out of their emergency situations.

We’ve always prioritized our professionalism and focused on providing excellent customer service, so you can count on us to make this experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible during the cleanup process. If you need more assurance that we’re the right choice for your property, we encourage you to read some of the glowing testimonials our company has received over the years.

Fully Insured Storm Damage Services

Another reason you can feel confident when hiring our company is our comprehensive insurance coverage. We make sure that your property and landscape are protected when we’re on the job, so you never have to worry about us making the situation worse. Although we have a consistent history of incident-free jobs, we know that our clients appreciate our commitment to safeguarding our tree services.

Personalized Tree Cleanup Services for Your Unique Property

Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible for all the property owners we serve. If you have any special requests for how we approach the cleanup process, rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs. Whether it's working around your schedule or being careful around certain areas of your property, we’ll always accommodate your requests.

Free Quotes on Storm Damage Cleanup

If you’re wondering what it will cost to utilize our professional storm damage cleanup, it’s as simple as getting in touch with our company. Our experienced and qualified team of tree experts will discuss your situation and provide you with an honest overview of what you can expect to pay for our services. We never want to take advantage of someone in their time of need, which is why we pride ourselves on our reasonable and upfront rates for the services we provide.

There is no obligation to hire our company after you receive a quote, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us after your property has been hit by harsh weather.

Skilled Storm Cleanup Technicians

Brents Tree Service has handpicked its elite crew of tree service technicians to find the best in the business. Our employees undertake a rigorous training process to hone their skills, from tree removal to trimming broken branches. After successfully completing their training, our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to offer you a complete and safe process.

We make sure to give our crew the best on-the-job experience so they have absolute know-how in every situation the client could be in. Consequently, our employees have dealt with just about every type of storm and subsequent tree damage possible. We know that severe weather always results in many property owners needing hazardous trees or tree debris removed from their property, and we’ve worked with many to get them back on their feet. If your property has been dealt with a terrible storm, we provide a straightforward process to assist you in getting your life back to normal and offer you sufficient relief.

Affordable Storm Damage Clean-Up Services

When storms cause significant damage to your property, it can become an expensive affair to get your yard cleaned up and revert to normalcy again. Insurance policies may cover a fragment of the costs or not any in some cases. This puts a lot of responsibility on you to get you and your family back to living conditions and your yard back to a safe version again.

Boasting years of experience in the trade, Brents Tree Service has witnessed households being heavily impacted by storm damage to their trees, and the last thing we want to do is put a hole in your wallet. If you choose to work with us, you’ll be only offered competitive rates that are reasonable and affordable for you. Our efficient storm clean-up services will make sure our work is fast, and you’re charged only the bare minimum, so you don’t break the bank.

Our Signature Storm Damage Clean-Up Process

Extreme weather and natural disasters can cause fallen trees or limbs, potentially resulting in structural damage to your property. When this occurs, you may be left overwhelmed with how your life has been so quickly affected and the magnitude of the clean-up process. Stress and anxiety over such instances are common with our customers, but we urge you to remain calm and contact us immediately to help you out in your time of need!

Our skilled team will begin by inspecting your property to assess the damage. We’ll then provide you with a defined timeline of how long it would take for us to clean up the property, along with a detailed estimate. Finally, we move on to the comprehensive clean-up process, including dissecting and removing fallen trees, extracting broken branches and limbs, and removing and disposing of leaves, twigs, and tree debris.

Why We Stand Apart from the Competition

When you’re experiencing the aftermath of a horrible storm that has debilitated your property, you may be wondering which business to choose so you can have exactly the right clean-up solutions you require.

With our vast experience in the industry, the numerous clients, and the different types of storm and storm damage we’ve worked with in the past, we can give you a list of benefits you would enjoy if you picked our team to be on your job:

  • Advanced certifications, training, and sufficient credentials
  • Reliable and responsive service
  • Timely and efficient work
  • Friendly and professional technicians
  • Locally owned and operated company
  • Community-minded owner and employees
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

When storms can generate terrible damage to your property and trees, it’s a wise choice to avail yourself of our business’s services as soon as possible to not let the damage further destroy your property.

Get Your Tree’s Health Back in Order

When a great storm has swept through your home and yard, there are numerous ways your property will suffer, from uprooted trees and branches torn from trunks to yards littered with all types of debris.

When this occurs, it also leaves your trees needing some careful pruning to survive the calamity. This is an area where Brents Tree Service can assist you the best. Our arborists are trained in providing the right trimming and reviving techniques to give your suffering trees the extra love they need to become strong and healthy again. We’ll also clear away broken branches still attached to your trees that might become a hazard in the future.

Contact us now to get a free quote!

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