When You Need a Professional Tree Trimmer


Tree trimming has a slew of benefits, but the most common is to improve your tree’s health. You may want to remove dead and diseased branches, reduce the size of the tree’s canopy, or perhaps boost the tree’s health with a regular maintenance trim. While there are a lot of projects to DIY around the home, tree trimming is not one of them. Here are the top situations where you will need a professional tree trimmer to take care of your landscaping needs. 

1. You’re a Novice

If you’ve never trimmed a tree before or have struggled to attempt it in the past, you should hire a professional to handle your tree trimming. OSHA cites tree trimming as the most common logging-related cause of death. Tree trimming involves climbing unstable trees, carrying up heavy and sharp equipment, and then trying to balance both activities to safely remove branches. Clearly, this is not something to take lightly. Instead, hire someone with experience in tree trimming – preferably a team that does it full-time. 

2. The Location is Tricky

Depending on the layout of your property, the tree you want to trim may be in a difficult location. Examples include trees located too close to power lines, trees next to your neighbor’s property, or trees that are close to your home. Although tree trimming is always a risk to your personal safety, in these situations the risk to your safety is even higher, as is the risk of property damage. Without the appropriate planning experience a professional brings to the table you could be facing electrocution, power outages, or branches falling on surrounding homes and vehicles. 

3. You’re Missing Equipment

Tree trimming equipment can be expensive and at the end of the day, you’ll need to question if you’ll be saving any money by purchasing the equipment instead of hiring a professional tree trimmer. Excluding cost as a factor, professionals have tried-and-true equipment options for every type of tree trimming situation. As a novice, you won’t know if the equipment you have is incorrect for the job until it is too late. Mitigate the risk, and choose a professional tree trimmer instead. 

4. You Don’t Know Local Laws

Depending on your location, there may be tree trimming laws and regulations in place. Some areas require property owners to take out permits before undergoing any tree trimming or tree removal. Navigating any legal issue can be challenging, so you may prefer to rely on the tree trimming regulation knowledge local tree companies are bound to have. In addition, if you need a permit to undergo any tree trimming a professional tree trimming company can help you with the process. 

The risk to yourself and your property that comes with trimming trees by yourself is not worth it. Instead, hire an experienced tree trimming company to maintain your yard and keep your trees healthy. For those in the Austin area, choose Brents Tree Service; we will be able to handle all your tree trimming needs safely and efficiently!