When It’s Time To Say Good-Bye: Tree Removal


Whether it is that beautiful willow in the backyard, or the majestic aspen in the front of your home, we love and appreciate our trees for the beauty they bring. The fact these giant organisms once started as a seed is practically miraculous. And if you’ve been in your home for awhile, you’ve probably watched these magnificent trees grow right alongside your family. There is absolutely sentimental value to the trees in our lives, and this makes it difficult if and when the time comes to say good-bye.

Read through the blog to get an idea of when your tree needs to be removed, and when you’re ready to make the move, talk with the experts at Brents Tree Service. We will make the process of tree removal an incredibly seamless one, and will be with you every step of the way. Talk with an expert in tree services today and receive a free quote!

Your Tree Is Diseased.

Any number of things can cause your tree to catch a disease. Much of tree disease is fungal by nature, and there are several diseases that can impact the native flora. Anthracnose, for example, is a disease that can affect many different plants. Spot Anthracnose impacts tree leaves, whereas the canker varieties impact a tree’s vascular system.

You can tell if your tree has been affected by looking at the tree’s leaves. As Tree Help explains, “When Spot Anthracnose initially emerges, small light brown spots of dead tissue emerge on the leaves and blossoms in the late spring and summer. The spots develop during the cool, wet, humid spring weather.” In the canker variety, it is essential to treat this version of Anthracnose right away. Contact a specialist from Brents to choose the best tree service, and overall course of action.

If a tree is treated in time by experts in tree care, there’s a chance tree removal can be avoided. However, if it goes on for too long, your tree will have to be taken down. It’s truly a sad state of affairs, but like with any living thing, you don’t the disease to spread, and you won’t want the tree to suffer.

Your Tree Is Infected.

Trees can be infected by more than just disease, but by an additional two ways: insects and parasites. As we touched on in a previous blog, mistletoe is an example of a parasite which can cause drastic harm to a tree. Additionally, parasites such as mistletoe are very hard to treat.

Certain insects are unfortunately very keen on making their tree their home. The emerald ash borer is a beetle that is highly invasive and destructive to ash trees. If enough damage from emerald ash borers takes place, the tree will slowly die, and will need to be removed. Talk with the experts in tree services at Brents first, and see what preventable measures can be taken. However, if the tree has to be removed, we will help you with this step in the best of ways.

Your Tree Poses A Threat.

As we in the Austin and Round Rock regions know all too well, storms are more than common, and can bring some serious damage to our trees. If a tree is affected by lightning or winds and presents itself in a very precarious manner, it is probably time to remove the tree. Good judgment will tell you that the tree could cause serious harm, such as to your house or to your family. Better judgment, however, will tell you to call Brents Tree Service to take a look at the situation at hand.

Tree removal is a difficult process, and not one that people look forward to. The challenge of tree removal is a part of life, but there can be some light at the end of the tunnel with tree removal as well. Today, we close out with a quote from client Cindy H. in Round Rock:

“Fabulous service from the moment I called for the bid. These guys were super friendly and knowledgeable. Our diseased hackberry was starting to lean in on our roof. These guys had the job done in one day! The whole tree was removed and no longer poses a threat to the house. What was really nice was the follow up call I received the next day to see how we liked the job done! Wow! Who does that anymore?”

Take Cindy’s word for it, and call Brents today!