Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning


Often used interchangeably, tree trimming and tree pruning actually serve different purposes and have different results. If you know your trees need a little extra attention, but you aren’t sure which service would be best, this post is for you! Below we will dive into the differences between tree trimming and tree pruning to ensure you know exactly what your trees need. 

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is usually reserved for maintaining and improving your tree’s health. Usually consisting of dead and damaged tree branch removal, tree pruning allows your trees to live a longer and healthier life. Tree pruning will also help more light penetrate the lower sections of your tree that were previously being blocked, further promoting your tree’s health. Additionally, if you have flowering or fruit-bearing trees, regular pruning will ensure that they flower year after year. 

On top of the health benefits for the tree, pruning your trees actually creates a safer yard. With regular pruning, you will prevent dying branches from falling on your home, cars, or even people. Plus, with pruning, you will allow the landscape below the trees to thrive with the additional sun and moisture that the plants will now receive. 

Tree Trimming

If aesthetics are your goal, you will be best served with tree trimming services. Trimming allows you to customize the shape of your trees – creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing yard. If you have a tree that is looking unruly or too overgrown, it may be time to enlist a team of tree trimming professionals. 

Of course, tree trimming doesn’t solely have to be about aesthetics. You may need tree trimming services if your otherwise healthy tree is growing too close to a power line, your home, or your neighbor’s property. Because you’re dealing with a healthy tree and altering the shape of the foliage, this type of service would be classified as tree trimming as opposed to tree pruning. 

Which Service Do I Need?

In many cases, tree pruning and tree trimming are used in conjunction with each other. Although you may think you only need one or another, once you start getting further into the tree branches, you’d be surprised what can be discovered. 

For example, you may think you just need to trim back your oak tree because it’s growing too close to your garage. However, our team may get up there and point out that several of the branches are diseased. In that instance, we’d want to remove the diseased branches and trim the tree to your specifications. For that reason, we offer complimentary consultations to look at your yard and discuss the services you likely need. 

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