The Dangers of Tree Removal


Tree removal is a dangerous activity; in fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are on average 200 tree-fall-related deaths annually. Because of the associated risks, tree removal and trimming should always be left to a team of trained professionals. Safely completing any tree removal project requires a deep understanding of tree biology, the appropriate tools to use in tree removal, and cutting techniques. Below we will cover some of the top tree removal risks that are associated with a lack of knowledge in those areas. 

1. Tree Location

The location and positioning of the tree can be one of the most difficult parts of successfully removing it. Tree branches can be hovering near power lines, over your neighbor’s garage, or even over a busy street. When attempting to remove these trees, there is a high risk of causing immense personal injury and damage to surrounding property. Tree removal done by professionals is a strategic process that drastically reduces the chances of personal injury or property damage. 

2. Power Lines

Speaking of power lines, they can be deadly when an inexperienced person attempts to remove a nearby tree. Power lines should always be presumed to be live, meaning the smallest mistake could cost you your life, a serious injury, or your neighborhood’s power source. While some homeowners believe the black coating on the outside of power lines is insulation, it’s actually weatherproofing – there is still a high risk of electrocution. 

3. Unstable Trees

Depending on the reasoning behind the tree removal, you may have to contend with an unstable tree due to decay. Unfortunately, decay typically starts inside the tree, making it difficult for a novice to spot before it’s too late. When a professional notices a tree is decaying, they often use cranes and more specialized equipment to remove the tree. These are the types of situations where an understanding of tree biology can save lives. 

4. Wrong Equipment or the Incorrect Use of Equipment

Occasionally homeowners will attempt to remove a tree on their property using the equipment they have on hand. Whether it’s because they don’t want to invest in the appropriate tree removal equipment or there is a lack of understanding about its necessity, scrimping on the right equipment can be dangerous. However, even if you invest in the chainsaws, ropes, cranes, and other appropriate equipment, you will still need to wield it appropriately. To master the skill of correctly using this equipment takes years of practice. 

5. Uncontrollable Gravity

Once you start removing tree branches, you can’t control where gravity will take them. However, with their years of experience, professionals have the best understanding of what will happen after each cut of a tree branch. A novice will not understand how to manipulate the fall with cut indentations or ropes like a professional tree removal service would. 

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