Tree Service in Round Rock

If you're looking for tree services in the Round Rock region, you'll find no one better suited to serve you than the professionals at Brents Tree Service. Ranked among the finest of all tree-care companies in the area, we address problems in an effective and eco-conscious manner. Our tree services are a cut above the rest.

Whether you're looking for emergency tree removal services, tree trimming services, or some much-needed tree maintenance, we've got you covered. Alongside our valued tree services comes the added benefit of customer service that is excellent from start to finish—we look after your trees, but you as well. Request our services by calling (512) 310-8789 whenever you require an expert arborist.

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Experienced Tree Professionals at Your Service

It takes more than the right equipment to tend to the tree-related needs of property owners. The best saws and trimmers can only do so much. What any property owner needs is a tree-care professional with years of on-the-job experience. With over three decades in the industry, we have more experience than most.

While most companies merely survive, we've managed to thrive. We've excelled in our field for many years, and everyone we've served has benefitted from our expertise. Our first-time customers become long-time and devoted clients-and people never fail to recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

Do you want to work with experienced arborists with a vast storehouse of equipment and all the answers? If so, we're the ones to call. When you work with us, you're assured:

  • Great rates on all services
  • Prompt arrivals
  • Informative arborists
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • ...and so much more

We're the tree services provider to call when you want nothing short of complete professionalism.

Great Rates on All Services

Do you want tree trimming services that won't break your budget? Do you want invoices free of surprises, hidden fees, and add-ons? Transparency and competitive pricing are integral to our approach to business.

On-Time Arrivals and More

We know what clients expect and hope for when they contact arborists to service their trees. They want to work with someone who values their time and money. At Brents Tree Service, we do everything we can to make sure your money is well-spent. We arrive on time and work quickly without cutting corners or taking risks. We credit our efficiency to our years of experience, rigorous training, and passion for growing healthy trees.

Would you like to learn more about what places us in a league of our own? Contact us at your convenience. We're always here to field the questions and concerns of people in our community.

Fast and Affordable Tree Services

Brents Tree Service offers fast and affordable professional tree services in Round Rock and the surrounding area. We help homeowners and business owners improve and protect their properties by tending to their trees. We're experts at ensuring your trees are healthy and can remove them if they pose potential hazards to your property.

Whether you have a tree that needs trimming or a dying tree near your building that needs prompt removal, we have you covered with timely service from licensed, experienced arborists.

No matter what services you need for your trees, you can call us at (512) 310-8789 to book an assessment or get a quote.

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The Tree Experts

The landscape of your property will affect the impression you make on others. Whether your property is residential or commercial, you want visitors to sense that you take care of your space. Tree services are essential to pulling a landscape together and ensuring everything is healthy and looks great.

For this, you need an expert arborist. Brents Tree Service has been delivering tree care services for years, helping our clients maintain a healthy environment through effective tree care, maintenance, trimming, and removal. We can always identify the best ways to help your trees serve the beauty of your exterior. Our passion for nature drives our efforts to take care of our community's properties and trees. We've built our business on developing strong customer relationships by providing excellent, expert tree services for our long list of cherished clients.

When you need a team of experts to manage the trees on your property, we're the team for you. Reach out to us today to get a free assessment for your trees!

Brents Tree Service: A Full-Service Arborist

At Brents Tree Service, we think that you should never have to hire multiple companies to take care of your trees. Everything you need should be within the scope of a single team of experts. That's why we always ensure our team is trained to perform all kinds of tree services, from basic care and assessments to full-scale removals.

No matter the job you need for your trees, we're here to do it right. Our team proudly offers the following services:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Brush removal
  • Storm clean-up
  • Tree maintenance
  • ...and more

Our team of tree service experts is here to complete your tree care projects according to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is always our highest priority, regardless of your required service. Reach out to our team today to book a professional tree service!