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Trees are living beings that need care and maintenance to grow and flourish. This is where professional expertise comes into play. Brents Tree Service is a full-service tree company in Leander focused on complete tree care and management. We host certified arborists that deliver outstanding tree services with state-of-the-art tools and advanced techniques.

We've got you covered if you’re looking to get your trees inspected, trimmed, maintained, or removed. Contact us at (512) 310-8789 to book a consultation with our expert team of arborists.

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Skilled Tree Pruning

We’ve always believed in the benefits that trees add to any property. To that end, we strive to keep your trees healthily pruned and looking beautiful all year round. We know that the process of trimming is a combination of artistic capabilities and scientific strategies. When done accurately, our pruning process will help sustain your tree’s health, enhance its appearance, prevent risks like diseases and pests and stimulate its growth.

Pruning trees may sound like an easy concept in theory, but there is a lot more to it in practice. It needs a deep understanding of the tree’s biology and growth patterns. Our qualified team of arborists is skilled at implementing safe and sustainable pruning techniques that elevate the aesthetics of the tree and surrounding landscape. They're trained in all the pruning methods necessary to make your enjoyment and your tree health a priority, including:

  • Structural pruning
  • Reduction pruning
  • Crown reduction
  • Vista pruning

Effective Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, it’s necessary to remove a tree as the tree has become diseased or deceased. Other times, the removal is to make way for new buildings or property to be constructed or to plant other trees that suit the location better.

Tree removal is a heavy-duty process that requires careful attention to detail and safety procedures in place. At Brents Tree Service, we’re committed to removing trees from your property, no matter the size or scope of the project. We’re fully equipped with expert tree removal training, equipment, and adequate safety gear to effectively remove the tree without causing damage to you or your property. Speak to our licensed arborists for your tree removal in Leander.

Complete Tree Analysis and Diagnostics

Have you noticed caterpillars inhabiting your trees? Perhaps your tree leaves aren’t as green as they used to be, or you’ve spotted some seemingly harmful fungus living on your trees. There are a variety of symptoms a tree can exhibit when it isn’t in its best health. It’s challenging to figure out if something is wrong with your tree, and, if so, identify the source of the issue.

This is where professional tree experts can help you out. With years of experience in the field under their belt, Brents Tree Service has dealt with every type of problem trees can experience. From superficial issues to deeply damaging diseases, we can perform competent inspections to analyze your tree health, identify any damaging factors, diagnose the problem, and provide adept treatment to cure your tree of illnesses.

Effective Insect Management

There are a host of species of insects that can damage stems, branches, leaves, roots, and flowers, as well as fruits on your trees. The important thing to understand is that not all insects that live on your trees are harmful. In fact, some of them are beneficial and excel at preying on the harmful insects that may infest your trees. Others may encourage pollination, a process your trees require to grow big and strong. Brents Tree Service’s tree experts are adept at identifying all species of insects that can live in your trees and recognizing whether they’re a boon or a bane.

Our qualified team can provide environment-friendly solutions to take care of harmful insect infestations that may damage your tree or your property. They’re trained to develop effective management programs that protect your plants and beneficial insects while eradicating harmful pests. Call us today for effective tree insect management.

Innovative Disease Management

Trees, just like people, can contract diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi or environmental elements, such as extreme temperatures, drought, and air pollution. These diseases may be difficult to diagnose since different causal agents can generate similar symptoms.

Brents Tree Service has a crew of highly trained arborists that can accurately detect and diagnose the diseases your trees may be suffering from. Along with our expert analysis and diagnosis, we also deliver innovative cures to any illness in your trees and treat them effectively so your trees can enjoy optimal health.

Emergency Tree Care and Removal

At times, trees fall over or crack through without warning. This can cause catastrophic damage to your property or pose a hazard to its surroundings. Such emergency situations are often the result of lightning, a windstorm, or an untimely result of a tree that was already diseased finally giving in.

During such situations, you require fast tree removal services to take care of the problem for you before it becomes worse. Brents Tree Service provides responsive and timely service to get to your property in no time. Our arborists are highly experienced in emergency tree care, and we can take care of your tree problems quickly and efficiently for your peace of mind.

Contact Brents Tree Service for Your Tree Care Needs in Leander

Your trees are valued parts of your environment, but there are a variety of issues that can upset a tree. From diseases, pest infestation, and storm damage to overgrowing and location-related problems, your trees may be suffering from a wide range of issues. This is when a professional tree care company can help you take care of your trees.

With our customized tree care plan and maintenance, your trees can enjoy enhanced health and longevity properties. Healthy trees mean a happier you. We understand this and are dedicated to providing your trees with complete tree care so they can flourish.

Brents Tree Service is proud to offer dedicated tree care services to commercial and residential customers in Leander. Whatever care your tree needs, we invite you to contact us at (512) 310-8789 to get our experts working on your case right away!