Tree Service in Austin

Trees are one of those things that, while they look pretty and serve many useful purposes, they require a tremendous amount of maintenance and care. So, if you’re seeking a team of highly trained arborists and tree experts, you’ve come to the right place.

Brents Tree Service has been providing comprehensive and affordable tree services to the residents of Austin for 30 years. We’ve built a reputation of excellence, and with decades of collective experience, we’ve acquired the skills to take on any project despite the size. Whether you need tree trimming, pruning, and removal, you can count on us to get it done to perfection.

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Work with Austin’s Preferred Tree Service Company

Becoming a tree expert is no simple task. It requires years of dedicated experience and a lot of trial and error. The team at Brents Tree Service can attest to this because we’ve experienced it firsthand. We’ve gone from being good at what we do to being the best at what we do.

When hired for a job, we come prepared with a breadth of knowledge and skills, coupled with top-of-the-line commercial equipment and tools to help streamline the job. We believe that quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand, and neither should be compromised for the other. And when we’re presented with a complex or large job, we always get excited about the challenge.

If you’re located in Austin and need tree service you can rely on; you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call and see for yourself why the locals rave about our service.

How to Receive a Tree Service Estimate

Here at Brents Tree Service, we’re known for our customer-centric approach to operating our business. We have a rigid system in place to ensure we never fail to provide exceptional customer service – beginning with a risk-free estimate. Your quote can be delivered in one of two ways; over the phone, after you’ve explained in detail what tree service you need, or during an in-person consultation.

We aim to be transparent in everything we do, which is why we provide quotes before proceeding with the service. And if we determine the cost needs to be adjusted midway through the service, we will always keep you informed. When you work with us, you’ll never be left in the dark or surprised with unexpected fees or charges.

Fully Licensed Arborists with Years of Tree Service Experience

Brents Tree Service is proud to be a tree service company with an impressive track record of providing high-quality, leading work. While we have 30 years of experience under our belt, we believe it’s essential to continue to strive to serve you even better every time.

To do this, we ensure our employees are up to date with their licensing and credentials. And as a company, we work as a team to stay updated on changing industry trends and product innovation. This guides us on how to implement the most efficient and up-to-date strategies and techniques.

Because we value your business, we show our appreciation by ensuring we’re equipped with updated knowledge to provide you with the best service.

All-Inclusive Tree Services

We live in a time when convenience sells, and consumers prefer a one-stop-shop experience. That’s why Brents Tree Service is committed to offering every tree service you could think of possibly needing. When you hire our team, you can say goodbye to hiring multiple companies for the same type of service. Here is a list of some of our more popular tree services:

  • Tree assessments
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Site cleaning
  • Storm clean-up
  • Brush removal
  • And more

This list does not represent every service we offer; therefore, if there is a service you would like that isn’t listed, contact us to let us know. We will send out one of our specialized arborists to deliver the tree service you need.

Your Local Tree Experts

Brents Tree Service has been providing professional tree care for multiple decades. Over the years, we have expanded our capabilities and refined our approach to ensure all of our clients get the very best for their trees.

Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we are able to quickly identify the needs of your trees and then determine the work that needs to be done. Our staff will always be happy to answer your questions and educate you on tree care, so you might even learn a thing or two while we are servicing your property.

Tree Services on Your Schedule

If you need tree trimming, removal, or any of the other services we offer, we promise to make things as simple as possible. We will gladly accommodate your schedule and help you find the nearest time that is convenient for us to come to your property. What’s more, we always operate with maximum efficiency, which means your job will be completed within the quoted time frame.

A Tree Company That Cares About Quality

No matter what type of tree services we are hired to perform, we always put our full effort and attention to detail into the job. As long-time tree experts, we know that it is often the small details that make trees look their best, which is why we never take any shortcuts with our approach. If you have high standards for your trees and landscape, then you will not regret choosing us.

Friendly and Client-Focused Tree Experts

We know that you have several choices when it comes to tree companies, which is why we do everything we can to distinguish ourselves with exceptional customer service. From the moment you contact our company, it will be immediately clear why we have so many positive testimonials for our tree care. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction, so we encourage you to give us a chance to earn your business the next time you need tree services.

Your Trees and Landscape are Safe with Us

One thing that has helped us establish a large base of loyal clients is our dedication to safety and respect. Any time you bring our company to your property, we promise that we will treat your trees and landscape with the utmost care. You will also be happy to know that we are a fully insured tree company, which means you are never taking a financial risk when you hire us for the job.

Tree Services for Properties of All Sizes

No job is too big or too small for our hardworking team of tree specialists. Whether you need quick tree removal or professional care for your entire landscape of trees, we will be more than happy to lend a hand. Regardless of the size of the job, our scheduling will always be quick, and the work will be top-notch. If you would like to discuss the services you need with our team, simply give us a call to get started.

A Top-Rated Tree Planting Company

When it comes to tree planting, our team is second to none. If you’re looking to add shade and a touch of nature to your property, our tree planting specialists will help you access all the benefits of new trees with careful planning and installation procedures. Let us help you bring your yard to life with some new foliage. We offer an extensive catalog of trees to choose from, including:

  • Willow trees
  • Cypress trees
  • Maple trees
  • Red oak trees
  • Holly trees
  • Cedar trees
  • Evergreens
  • … and more

Tree planting needs to be done with precision to ensure the trees can grow tall and strong. We’ll survey your property to determine the most appropriate locations for your trees and discuss which kind of trees you would like to have. We’ll also give you advice on how to fertilize and irrigate your trees to ensure they take root and have all the nutrients they need for a healthy life.

Tree Transplanting

When you need to rearrange existing trees on your property, our arborists are happy to be of assistance. We offer speedy tree transplanting services to make room for new trees on your property and ensure your trees receive the care they deserve when they are moved to a different location.

It’s not so easy to remove trees from their location and replant them. You have to be careful with the young roots and make sure you find an appropriate spot that will let them grow healthily for years to come. This requires expertise that only a professional will have. We’ve been performing this service for years, and we’ll be able to help you find the perfect arrangement of trees on your property.

With us, you can get an improved layout of your landscape. Consult with our arborists about tree transplanting for small trees and get a professional to design a healthy property.

Top-Quality Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential part of keeping your trees safe on your property and healthy for years to come. We can identify the limbs that need a quick trim or prune and take exactly the right amount to ensure the branches are healthy and will continue to grow.

We invest in our company to offer the best trimming services around. Our state-of-the-art equipment is guaranteed to get any trimming job done efficiently without breaking your budget. Our trained professional climbing arborists are quick yet detail-oriented, making sure to shape your trees seamlessly.

Regular pruning can prevent pests and erosion from bringing your trees down. With our tree trimming and pruning, you can be sure your foliage stays healthy and disease-free. Rest assured, we’ll adequately trim overgrown trees to keep their beauty intact, thin any tree crowns that have grown too dense, and shape any existing trees to help you meet your property goals.

Reliable Tree Removal

For all the times that your trees become damaged or unsafe, we have your back. Whether a tree’s fallen during a storm, posing a risk to your safety, or you would simply like it removed from its current location, we’re here to help with our timely, reliable, and responsible tree removal services.

We remove unwanted and unhealthy trees with speed, diligence, and the utmost concern for safety. Along the way, we provide personalized customer care to ensure our services meet your needs. We know a hazardous tree can cause a lot of unneeded stress, so we do what we can to take that burden off your back.

We’ll always work with you to find the safest option for removing your trees. To work with us and find the best way forward for your unhealthy trees, give us a call!

Keeping Your Trees Healthy

At the centre of our business is our need to ensure that your trees always stay healthy for years to come. There are many ways we can help protect and heal your trees. Our tree health care system includes an expert diagnosis by our professional arborists. Our team of tree team can recommend the work needed to restore your trees through professional shaping and pruning, regular spraying for pests and fungus, improving soil and sunlight conditions, fertilization and irrigation, and correcting drainage problems.

When we find certain problems, we will know the correct plan of attack right away. After discussing your budget with you, we will get started, putting a long-term plan in place to help the health of your trees. We work with you closely to develop a program for maintenance, treatment, or removal that suits your needs and preferences. In some cases, you will even be given a plan that you can help with, keeping the costs of tree maintenance lower.

Swift Turnarounds on Every Tree Service

Brents Tree Service is your source for swift and high-quality tree service. Whether you need help cleaning up tree remnants after a storm or need the tree removed entirely, we can assure you the job will be done quickly and within the projected timeline.

When hired for a job, we always arrive on time and work diligently to complete the job to perfection. When the job is completed, we will leave your yard looking better than it did when we arrived.

Competitively Priced Tree Service in Austin

Arborists need to be skilled and highly trained to help them adequately handle high-risk problems like tree removal or insect infestation. Since a lot of tree work can be inherently dangerous, we don’t recommend unqualified people to attempt the work themselves. This is why we offer competitive and fair prices for all our services. We want to ensure every resident of Austin has access to affordable tree service so they aren’t stuck dealing with dangerous or complicated issues on their own.

Our goal is to have service that is accessible to everyone, and that is something we continue to strive for. Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about our prices.

Emergency Tree Service 

Brents Tree Service provides 24/7 emergency tree service to help you in any situation, any time of the day. We’ve been in business for 23 years, and during this time, we’ve discovered that tree emergencies tend to happen after hours. If you have a damaged or diseased tree causing your home and property damage, the last thing you want to do is wait for business hours to call for help. In a case like this, we encourage you to contact our office immediately so we can send over one of our expert arborists. No matter the time of day, you can count on us for help. 

Tree Service Consultations

With every client we work with, we employ a different system of tree care to keep their trees healthy and safe. We take pride in offering customized tree solutions for everyone who wants them. That’s why, when you work with our team, you will get a no-obligation consultation to start every project.

We need to understand the health of your trees to identify the best methods we can undertake to promote their health and growth. To do this, we will visit your property, inspecting the tree to ensure there are no insects, diseases, or dead limbs that need to be addressed. Depending on our findings, we can recognize parts that need to be trimmed, braced, or cabled to make sure your trees stay standing. In extreme cases, the tree may have to be removed.

For all your tree service needs, we will use our expertise to recommend a tree care plan that will help them. Our plan can work around your budget and your schedule; we’re flexible and will get these details in the consultation to make sure our regimen will work for you.

To get professional tree services tailored to your needs, we always recommend you book a consultation. Give us a call to book and have us at your property at the nearest convenience!

Contact Brents Tree Service for Tree Services You Can Rely On

With years of extensive experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, Brents Tree Service has become one of Austin’s most trusted tree service companies.

We offer competitive rates, high-quality work, swift turnaround times, and we hire the best arborists in the area. When you enlist in our service, we will deliver on your request while providing unmatched customer service.

Leave the back-breaking work to the experts at Brents Tree Service by contacting our office at (512)310-8789.