hen to Remove a Tree


Trees are strong, provide shade and attract wildlife, but sometimes a tree can be more harmful to keep than it’s worth. Dead, damaged and decaying trees can cause thousands of dollars in damages, or cause personal harm if not quickly addressed. While tree removal is usually used as a last resort when pruning or trimming won’t help, it’s frequently the only way to address the issues we’ll mention below. 

1. The Tree Looks Infected

Infected trees can quickly become a danger to your yard and home and should be immediately removed if infection mitigation doesn’t work. Signs of tree infection include deep cracks in the bark, soft and crumbly wood, and fungi. Another major sign of tree infection is woodpeckers feeding excessively on the tree. 

2. The Tree’s Growth Seems Stunted

If you have a few trees in your yard, but one doesn’t seem to be thriving as well as the others, you might have a problem with your tree. While sometimes the cause can be diagnosed by a professional, other times you may just need to remove it. 

3. The Tree is Dead or Dying

Probably the most obvious reason to remove a tree is when you have a dead tree on your property or a tree that seems to be dying. Dead and dying trees pose risks to everything around them, from their branches falling, to infecting surrounding trees. 

4. The Tree Is Leaning

Although not all leaning trees are dangerous, if your tree starts to suddenly shift one way it may have structural issues and is liable to fall. Pay attention to the progression of the tree, but if the tree is leaning towards your home or the part of the yard where your children play you should get it removed sooner rather than later. 

5. The Tree is Under Powerlines

A tree that is growing into power lines is a major fire hazard. If the powerlines were to catch the tree on fire, it could easily spread through your yard and into your home. Luckily, if you’ve been in your home for a while you’ll see this one coming and should be able to address it before it’s a concern. 

6. The Tree Is Too Close for Comfort

While having trees near your home can be great for shade and greenery, if they get too close, they can be dangerous. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your trees are at least 20 feet away from a house or building. 

7. The Trunk is Damaged

The trunk of the tree supports the majority of its weight, so if you notice damage to the trunk, it’s only a matter of time before it topples over. Internal decay and trunk damage can be present in a living tree for years, but once those visible effects start to show it’s time to get the tree removed from your property. 

8. The Trunk is Hollow

Ever heard the expression “solid like a tree trunk”? It originated because tree trunks are supposed to feel heavy and solid. If your tree feels hollow, it most likely has major internal decay and it won’t be able to support its branches. 

If your tree is experiencing any of the above issues, or you’re still not sure if you should remove your tree, give our experts at Brents Tree Service a call for a consultation today!