Tree Health Services in Austin

Maintaining the health of trees and shrubs on your land depends on a wide variety of factors, from soil conditions and sun exposure to insect infestation and more. Our tree doctors will assess your trees and bushes to determine whether they’re in good health, suggesting services and treatments to improve their condition if necessary.

Our arborists offer comprehensive health programs to assess, monitor, and treat your trees regularly, keeping them in top health at all times.

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Brents Tree Service: Full-Service Tree Health Care

Regardless of the size of your yard or budget, we offer a wide range of tree health services to accommodate every need. Some plant health service we offer include:

  • Mulching
  • Tree nutrition or fertilization
  • Soil improvement
  • Disease and insect treatments
  • And much more

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Comprehensive Tree Health Assessments

When it comes to optimizing tree health, we consider all aspects, such as maturity, fruit, and seed production, and what light and moisture conditions the tree needs to thrive.

Before putting your trees on a nutrient schedule, we’ll identify the work needed and the costs involved in helping your trees live their best life. It’s common to remove unwanted organic matter from the ground before starting a new landscaping project. We’ll clean up your yard, removing leaves, exposed roots, broken twigs, seed pods, and more before starting a new health routine for your trees.

Trust our tree doctors to make sure your trees live a long and healthy life. Schedule a no-obligation assessment to get started. We’ll come over and walk you through every step of the process.

Professional Tree Surgeons of Choice

Whether you need help nourishing your oldest trees, or improving your insect treatments, count on our professional arborists to make sure your trees stay healthy and happy.

No job is too big for our crew. After we assess your situation, we’ll follow through with a plan to keep your trees in top shape. No matter the issues at hand, we’ll apply the best course of action so that your greenery lives on for years to come.

Tree Health Follow-Ups

Though you can prolong the life of your tree with immediate action, some circumstances require regular checkups from your local tree surgeon. That’s why our arborists are there to provide any additional services you may need.

After putting your greenery on a nutrient plan, we’ll follow up with you periodically to see how they’re doing and make adjustments as we see fit.

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Whether you need to nurse your disease-ridden trees back to health or want to boost the health of your greenery, our expert arborists can help you maintain the health of your plants, making sure they’re on the path to living a long life.

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