Why We Color Tree Services Cuts

A couple of questions that we get frequently are “Why do you color the cuts on the trees?” and more specifically, “Why do you color only the oak tree cuts?” We have good reasons on why we color only the oak tree cuts after we’ve performed tree services. We do this to protect the healthy parts of a tree along with prevent future damage from tree diseases and tree insects. Here is some information explaining why.

One thing that sets us apart in the Austin Tree Trimming industry, in my opinion, is that we 100% of the time make sure to sterilize our cutting equipment, like our chainsaws, loppers, and cutters. Sterilizing the equipment after each completed tree cutting job does slow down the crews in terms of efficiency but it is imperative. I think it is one of the reasons why we get so many repeat customers. Additionally, we go a step further and once a cut is made on an oak tree, we do what is called wound dressing. This is the black paint that you see on the fresh cuts of trees. Think about it. If you had an open wound on your body, would you leave it open to the air or would you put a bandage on it? Most likely you’d use a bandage.

Some customers ask us why we only paint their oak tree’s trimmings but don’t paint the elms, hackberries, or any other tree that we have trimmed on their property. The main reason is because of Oak Wilt. Oak wilt can infect a tree gradually that once a tree is infected, it is hard to stop the spread of it with tactics other than cutting additional limbs. This tree trimming article from NCSU tells more about oak wilt prevention through wound dressing.

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