When you need Tree Removal

At times, it is better for your property, family and neighbors to have a specific tree removed rather than trimming it back. There are certain situations that are possible that would be better served by tree removal. One thing to remember as a rule of thumb is that if you are ever faced with having to decide if you should trim more than 1/3 of a tree then it would make sense to just remove the tree. Now in today’s blog post I take a look at some of these situations that I’ve come across and explain why removal is a better resolution….

When deciding on a total tree removal compared to just trimming off infected areas, a few things need to be considered. First is how fast the spread of that tree disease has taken place. If one of your live oak trees has oak wilt and you’ve seen the spread of the disease engulf more than a 1/3 of the tree in less than a year and half, then that tree may be a good candidate for total removal. Another disease that can spread to other trees near by is Hypoxylon Canker Fungus. Especially during long periods of drought we see this disease more frequently. Hypoxylon Canker Fungus can not prevented from spreading. Both Oak Wilt and Hypoxylon Canker Fungus infected trees should be considered for removal.

Another reason you would want to consider a complete tree removal over just tree trimming is if there is damage to the trunk of a tree. The trunk of a tree can be considered the heart of a tree. Nutrients travel through the trunk before being dispersed to branches, limbs, and leaves. If a tree trunk has cracks, rips, or large holes, then you can bet you will see the tree decline as time goes one. Construction damage is something that needs to be avoided at all cost. This is why you will see at job sites, the desirable trees’ trunks guarded by 2×4 boards. These folks know that damage to the tree trunks will cause the decline of that tree’s health.

I mentioned this above but if you have a tree that you’re considering trimming 1/3 of its branches then you might seriously consider removal instead. A reason for this is because removing a large portion of the tree could potentially through the balance of the tree canopy and leave it vulnerable to being uprooted during high winds. Another reason to avoid trimming more than 1/3 of the tree limbs or branches is because doing so would create many open wounds on a tree for disease and fungus to attack. I’ve seen this time and time again. I’ve had customers that have sentimental attachment to certain trees and want to avoid the removal of the tree. To avoid falling tree branches or even worse, a falling tree then removal can be the best option.

These are some of the situations or scenarios where tree removal is a preferential remedy instead of tree trimming. If you ever have questions or need a knowledgeable tree professional’s opinion on your situation then do not hesitate to give us a call. I have 3 tree service specialists and a certified arborist on staff here and we would love to give you a free of charge estimate that is done in person so that we can educate you on what needs to be done. Call us or email us at any time. Even in the evenings or weekends we answer the phone!