When To Get A Permit For Tree Removal

In the City of Austin, sometimes there are requirements for a tree removal permit. I wanted to point out when, for those customers that live in Austin, they need a permit from the City of Austin for their tree removal or tree trimming project. As part of our great customer service, we always work with our contact person at the City of Austin Arborist office to expedite the permit process on behalf of our customers. We take care of it as part of your tree service. Read more here about when you will need one…….

When living within the Austin city limits, property owners will need a permit only when a tree is 19 inches or greater in diameter. The equals out to about 60 inches or greater in circumference. Trees this size are consider protected a City of Austin ordinance. I’ve heard that Hackberry trees are excluded from this protected tree category but I’ve never gotten a consistent answer from the Austin City Arborist’s office. A tree that are larger than 60 inches in diameter only needs a permit if it is being entirely removed or if it is going to have over 30% of the canopy/branches trimmed off.

Now there are specific steps to follow when measuring the diameter of a tree, according to the City of Austin Arborist Office. Their ordinance says that if the tree is on flat, non-inclined ground, that it’s trunk be measured 4.5 feet up from the ground. If the tree is growing out of a slope then the measurement of it’s diameter must be checked 4.5 feet up from the ground on the high side of the sloped ground. If that 4 1/2 feet measurement area is in a multi-trunk part of the tree then the City of Austin wants the diameter measurement of the largest trunk be added to 1/2 of the diameter measurement of each additional trunk measured at the 4.5 feet mark. Make sense? Easy enough, right? If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to call our Austin Tree Service team.


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