Webworms Are Coming!

Webworms are about to start popping up! Their time to shine (and build webs) is the late summer and then primarily in the fall. With this impending webbing in mind, we’d like to go over how these bugs tick and why you might want them removed from your trees by a professional tree service in Austin.


The webworm creates its webbing in the larval stage. This webbing can defoliate the area it covers! Though pretty much harmless, the defoliation is one of two things that makes having webworms populating your tree an undesirable scenario. The other is that they are not very fun to look it.

This larval stage can last for four to six weeks. During this stage, the larva can munch on some of your trees’ leaves within their haywire web. It’s this characteristic web that causes the unsightly appearance when enough show up on your trees. The webs they create are pretty sloppy! The eggs are laid on the underside of leaves and, as these webworms grow and hatch, they use tree leaves as sustenance.

Tree choices

They’ll go after all kinds of trees including our state tree, the pecan! Almost any deciduous tree is fair game for them. Once the webs start popping up, you can expect an entire branch to become defoliated if you don’t have them removed.

Besides the defoliation, webworms are technically harmless to your tress. That doesn’t mean that many people with sacs of this oddly-shaped web hanging out all over their trees shouldn’t do something about it. If you’re not happy with the way the webworms look on your trees once they start popping up later in the summer, then get in touch with us.

Where do you stand?

Do you think you’ll need webworms removed from your trees in the coming months? If so, be sure to drop us a line so that we can give you an estimate. We’ll be able to safely remove them, clearing up your tree and making sure your property stays beautiful. We also handle just about any tree service you can think of, including tree trimming, tree removal, and more!

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