Tree Types


There are two main types that plants like trees and shrubs in your landscape will fall under. They will either be a deciduous or coniferous plant which has to do whether or not the plant keeps it’s leaves all year long. Deciduous trees will be those that lose their leaves at some point during the year. While this usually coincides with the winter season in most trees, there are some species that exist in certain tropical or arid regions that will lose their leaves during the dry season as a survival method. Usually the trees that drop their leaves will flower during the period that they are leafless.



The coniferous trees are known as softwoods and the deciduous trees are known as hardwoods. Coniferous trees will keep it’s leaves throughout the year and are commonly known as “evergreens.” They usually have needle like foliage and most will carry their seeds in cones. There are some coniferous plants that don’t produce cones, such as the juniper and cedar varieties as these produce berries. Most of the coniferous trees and shrubs are pretty hardy and durable plants but prefer the northern climate so you don’t see that many species in Central Texas