Tree Insects

There are many insects that affect the trees and shrubs in central Texas. Below are some of the common insects that we see in the area and information about them. If you see any signs of insect damage let us know and we can diagnose the problem.



Aphids are small insects that suck on the sap of a plant and are one of the most common insects causing damage to tree and shrubs in central Texas. They can very quickly grow to a large infestation which can cause curling and even die-back on a plant. They don’t only cause damage by feeding on the plant however, they also secrete honeydew which can cover the plant and attract certain kinds of mold as well as other insects that will further damage the plant. It’s important to take care of them from an early stage to minimize damage.



Webworms are another pest that is fairly common here in central Texas since we tend to have the perfect conditions for their growth, moisture and sunlight. They typically build large webs that contain a large amounts of worms in each web. They will defoliate the area where they build their webs and are considered unsightly in a landscape. While they don’t usually cause more that aesthetic damage to the tree, if the infestation is bad enough they can weaken the tree making it more susceptible to other issues. If you get the repeatedly in a tree or have a bad infestation let us know.


Boring Insects

One of the more devastating problems to inflict trees and shrubs are the boring insects. These are insects who take advantage of a weakness in the tree, such as limb removal and pruning, to bore inside to the tree and start feeding on it. There are some boring insects that just feed on the outer layers of live tissue but there are some that bore all the way to the core and feed on the vessels that carry water through the tree. Control over these beetles once damage has been done can be difficult and left untreated they can spread to other trees so let us know if you suspect this damage.