Things That Influence Tree Service Cost

On occasion, there are property owners that decide to wait until a later time to absorb the cost of tree removal. If the tree is dead this may be a more expensive decision. If you have been in this situation then I’m sure you can imagine the safety hazards for your property or family as well. Here are a few things that influence tree service costs…..

Some factors of tree removal or tree trimming cost are difficulty of the tree care and hazard/danger level of the tree and its surroundings. “The same tree that is next to your street furthest away from the house is not going to be the same cost as the the same exact tree overhanging your swimming pool”, says the Brents Tree Service Office Manager Larry Rosenberger. In these situations, the more difficult tree by the pool will take much more time and more expertise. We have it as a policy we try to schedule a time that is convenient with you, the customer. These two same factors are also associated with why we try to avoid, if possible, tree removal estimates by phone.

The same goes for a dead tree that you may consider cut down later on down the road, say 1, 2 or more years. If a large tree or limbs are dead can pose a threat when a wind or ice storm arrives . Plus, some trees actually lose density as time goes on making it much more difficult to make the climb when the time comes to remove it. Imagine trying to climb a hollow tree! If those long tree limbs are dead AND overhanging then it can endanger the person providing the expert tree service along with endangering your property. Climbing up one of those trees is no easy task. Especially considering the fact that multiple tree cuts with a chainsaw have to be made to more difficult tree service jobs, generally speaking. That can be much more difficult to do correctly on a while standing on a dead tree branch!

At Brents Tree Service, our jobs as arborists are to make sure that we provide the best service not only in quality but in explaining to you the game plan especially for much more dangerous or difficult tree removal jobs.

I’m sure seeing a dead tree limb in the view out of one of your home’s windows can motivate some property owners remove it sooner rather than later. Don’t wait the years for your dead tree on your lot to rot. We’ll come out, take a look at the tree and give you a free estimate to safely, professionally, and cleanly remove it. If you think that the tree service that you may need may be too expensive then please ask about our PAYMENT PLANS!