Storm-Damaged Trees

With the recent rain that we’ve had in the Austin metro, you or someone you know may have had storm damage to trees and was in need of storm cleanup services. As you can expect, we get an a spike in phone calls right after wind storms, thunderstorms, and ice storms. As I write this blog post this morning, we are getting back to back phone calls as predicted. That made me want to explain some of the options of you as a property owner has in improving storm-damaged trees.

After strong winds and rain, we’ll see the types of damage that you’d expect. High winds cause trees to uproot and break limbs. The rains cause leaves and small limbs to be littered on our manicured lawns and landscape. The worst case scenarios include property damage and injuries to individuals. First of all, there are preventative tree trimming and tree service steps that can be taken in anticipation of a storm that may cause damage. Just like a your mechanic stresses preventative maintenance to your vehicle is the least expensive way to care for your vehicle, tree service is the same way. If you are able to have a tree service company come out and remove or trim your trees then you can raise the chances of avoiding expensive damage from future falling limbs.

Unfortunately, there are tree service companies and arborists that will take advantage of the fact that you’re in an emergency situation. This tree in the picture above was heavily weighted to one side and was out of balance. As soon as high winds came through, the tree became partially uprooted. It could have been much worse. This could have absolutely been prevented by trimming to balance the canopy and to clear any overhanging limbs near the roof and fence. When we arrived at this property, we were told by the homeowner that there were other tree service companies that were called out but had declined to perform the tree removal. Luckily for the homeowner, we were willing to perform the service even though it was tedious and somewhat dangerous.

The purpose of me writing this blog is to express the importance of PREVENTATIVE TREE TRIMMING. It really is the least expensive way to address the safety, health, and balance of your large trees. Please call us at 512-310-8789 for any storm damage that you may have received from the storms. We’d love to come and help.