Sterilizing Tree Service Equipment

As long as I’ve owned Brents Tree Service, I’ve been very particular about cleanliness and sterilization of equipment. Since the start of my tree service company, I’ve had a big fear that if I don’t sterilize my chainsaws and tree trimmers that a customer’s tree would become infected by some sort of transferred disease and they would want to hold me liable. I’m proud to say that there has never been an incident like that. I strongly believe the reason for that avoidance is because how particular I am about tree cutting equipment sterilization.


I’m in touch with other tree removal companies that have different philosophies about how to and how frequently to sterilize their tree cutting equipment. We all agree that sterilizing equipment drastically reduces the chance of spreading some serious diseases. Sudden Oak Death is one of those diseases along with Hypoxylon Canker Fungus, and Oak Wilt. You can read the specifics about those diseases on our tree diseases page. If you think your trees may be infected with one of those trees currently, please call us or contact a Certified Austin Arborist like us because arborists are the only ones that can help avoid those trees decline and inevitable death. All of those diseases mentioned cause trees to visually decline and die. It is absolutely more expensive to get a tree removed than it is to get it treated.

As far as sterilizing tree service equipment goes, please read this article from the LCRA. It has great information to back up our adopted sterilization process. We sterilize our equipment with aerosol spray, something like Lysol or an equivalent. We do that after each and every job every single day. Other tree service companies that I talk to say they sterilize their equipment once a day. I’m sure you can probably get away with that but I want to make sure we don’t spread anything. Again, I’m particular about it. We definitely go through a lot of Lysol spray cans! In the mornings, we not only spray each chainsaw, tree trimmers, and other tree limb cutting equipment but we also spray out any leftover debris with a high pressure air hose as you can see in the photos.

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