Simple Tips: Why Fertilize A Tree?

Sometimes a tree needs more nutrients than what is just available to them from your front yard. We’re talking about fertilization! You have to make that soil more productive than it is if you want your trees to get the most out of their life.

We found a very in-depth and fascinating article on fertilizing trees on the University Of Michigan’s web page. I know, I know… We’re in Texas!

But this guide is very helpful no matter what state you live in. You can read the article here.

Tree fertilization will help your trees stay healthy, colorful and happy. It’s a simple concept with very complex specifics. The importance of fertilizing a tree is huge! Though there are many different substances your tree needs to be getting, what are some of the main ones?

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and more!

These three elements can really help to properly fertilize your tree.

Nitrogen can help with your tree’s healthy colors of vibrant greens. Phosphorus is also key as it helps with your tree’s development of new roots to help it stabilize and suck up needed nutrients. Potassium’s going to help your tree grow! Potassium is going to do really great when it is combined with nitrogen. From this WSU report detailing apples and the trees they were grown on:

“…If the level of potassium in the soil is sufficient (200 ppm or above), then absorbing excess soil nitrogen with grass or turf ground cover may bring about the desired ratio, and lead to improved color.”

This means all these major players have a solid effect on your trees and the growth they output. That output can even include flowers and fruit.

From this handy guide on tree fertilization, they tell us that “for young trees, the time to put out fertilizer is late March through early June. When a tree reaches the desired height you may want to decrease the fertilizer application to only once a year.”

It’s still May now so go ahead and get to fertilizing your younger trees if you have them. Just be positive that you are properly fertilizing them! Need help with the process and understanding all the specifics? Have a local Austin tree service come out to assist you in making sure your trees are healthy and happy.

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