Removing Palm Trees

When we come out to take a look at customer’s palm trees, we know that those are trees that are prized just as much as beautiful live oaks and other native Central Texas trees. Ninety nine percent of the time, that palm tree was planted with purpose. I’ve seen palms grow over sixty feet in older neighborhoods of Austin. I wanted to explain some of the difference in removing a palm tree. Removing a Palm Tree can be just as dangerous or even more unpredictable than removing a tree with longer and sturdier tree limbs…..

There is a great video of tree trimmers performing a very challenging palm tree removal. At Brents Tree Service, Jose Luis is one of the expert tree trimmer employed who has been here for over 11 years. He is our seasoned expert that has probably seen it all. When he saw this video he said, “That one is tough but removing a palm tree that size that is close to a house, you can’t let those parts of the trunk fall like that. That makes it an all day job and much tougher than any live oak you’ll see come down”. And, he’s spot on from what I’ve encountered. With live oaks, there is much more opportunity to pendulum the ascend of an unwanted tree limb. This is where expert tree trimming folks show some of their skill.

For one, cutting the palm leaves to access the main trunk of the palm tree, especially a tall one, can take a bucket truck which can add to the cost of the tree removal. Plus, instead of cutting and tipping over the sections of tree trunk, if the palm was located in tight quarters then it would slowly have to have each section tied off after carefully cutting. It’s common practice for the tree cutter to use the chainsaw with one arm and support the falling portion of the tree trunk with the other arm. With a palm tree that is in a more hazardous location, we would have to perform these tasks and then actually balance the cut portion of tree trunk while simultaneously looping a rope around it to slowly lower it to ground level.

We want to be clear that tree trimming shouldn’t be viewed as a commodity. Tree Service Companies very greatly in their experience, equipment, carried insurance, etc. If you ever need to consider a palm tree removal service then please consider Brents Tree Service. Also, please let us know if there are any tree service related questions you would like answered by emailing us at or through our website.