Power Tools: Chainsaw Safety Tips

You may have recently purchased a chainsaw. That was your first mistake. Just kidding! Chainsaws are powerful tools and, if you are completely safe when using it to saw up fallen trees into manageable pieces, can be a great asset to your power tool collection. You could always get local tree pros to handle all your chainsaw needs but if you’ve invested in this mighty

tool, we’d like to talk about it. Let’s rev-up a few simple to follow safety tips for you!

Read The Manual

Think you know exactly how to operate your chainsaw because you’ve used one in the past? Think again. You need to be fully aware on how to lubricate the blade, mount the guide bar and more! Check out this guide for more reasons to read the manual. Additionally, here is a great guide on what you need to look for in your future chainsaw if you haven’t bought one yet or plan on replacing an aging one.

Shut It Off Often

“What do you mean I should shut it off often!?” Well, to ensure the safety of yourself and your land, be sure you turn the chainsaw off when you move to the next piece of your property that is to get the saw treatment. This will ensure you aren’t walking forward with a spinning blade with the scary chance of stumbling while in motion.

Know Your Stop Switch & Other General Safety

With your chainsaw, you should know all the ways you can quickly turn it off. Be sure that your chainsaw has safety guards and other preventative types of features. If not, consider getting a new one that will be much more reasonable to use. Your chainsaw likely has many safety features so, again, be sure to see our first and most important rule: read the manual.

Have A Friend Near

Do not go willy-nilly and chainsaw solo! As cool as it may sound to be a lone wolf with your shiny and new power tool, you need to have somebody nearby. This is in case of an emergency or accident. Never forget how dangerous chainsaws can be

Or Leave It To Pros

Want to avoid starting up a chainsaw and just have the pros come in and handle it all? If you’re around Austin then consider getting in touch with the tree experts at Brents Tree Service. We already have all the necessary work equipment to work so you don’t have to do with the hassle of studying a user manual the size of a phone book or worry about safety procedures.

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