Jerry Brents -Tree Service Manager

I wanted to start a line of articles that I write about our key employees. The first one will be about my father, Jerry Brents, who is our Service Manager and also our Customer Service Manager. He is in charge of making sure our customers experience exceptional customer service when they use our Austin tree services. I wanted share with you his passion he has for taking care of our tree service customers. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask him some questions about our services….

Jerry has been with Brents Tree Service since 2002. He has had such an impact on Brents Tree Service, not only financially but more importantly on the customer and employee morale. He has been in charge of contacting each and every customer individually by phone to get feedback on the services provided. He created the process of contacting these customers within 24 hours of their tree trimming or tree removal being completed.


When I hear him speak on the phone to these customers, I know that those customers appreciate his attention to any of their feedback whether that feedback is positive or negative. He has had such positive feedback from our customers. From time to time, I’ll receive a call from one of our tree service customers here in Austin and they want to mention to me how great it was to get a follow up phone call to ask about how the service went rather than calling to just ask for payment. Jerry created and implemented the policy stated, “We don’t ask for payment until we’ve made the customer happy with our work”. I strongly believe this firm policy has helped us grow from a 1000 customers per year company to a 2500 customers per year size company.


Roughly 30% of our customers are repeat customers. They wouldn’t come back to us unless they had exceptional service, felt like they were taken care of appropriately, and most importantly felt appreciated. Jerry has made sure to deliver on all three of these things. When I asked Jerry how he is easily able to make customers feel appreciated, he replied, “Well I haven’t given it a lot of thought but I guess I just treat them the way I would want a tree care company to treat me.” He also added, “The best way to have a happy customer is to seriously listen to their concerns and let them know what you’re going to do to fix it.


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