Get To Know Tree Rings

You may have heard that a tree’s age can be told by the number of rings it has on inside of it. Is this true? Yes! Oddly enough, this simple age indicator of checking out a tree’s rings are similar to seeing wrinkles on a person’s face but far more precise. How amazing is that?

As a professional tree service in Austin, this subject of a tree’s age fascinates us and we hope you will find our input on the matter enlightening.

Tree Rings Simplified

Tree rings can be found inside a tree and can be seen, to give you a visual, when there is a horizontal slicing of the tree to reveal the trunk. The good news is that in order to keep the tree up and running, those that practice dendrochronology (the science of studying these rings) have special, small drills that go into the side of the tree and pull out a sample so that the tree doesn’t need to be chopped down to study its past. The result of the small drilling is as informative as chopping a tree down so these dendrochronologists are keeping what they’re studying alive.