Famous and Protected Oak Trees in Austin

There are a number of famous Southern Live Oaks in Texas that are remembered for a variety of reasons. Some of those trees are considered historical or protected because their size, their significance to history, or both. Few Austin tree services are given privilege in trimming those trees and helping preserve their significance. There are a few trees in the Austin metro, Round Rock, and Kyle are on a list of Famous Trees of Texas. I’d love to share our tree trimming experience with historical trees and give more information on the importance of the Austin area’s famous trees.

We mentioned the famous Treaty Oak, which is a famous Live Oak tree, located here in Austin. Brents Tree Service has never had the privilege of providing services to that tree but we have services the historic oak trees on the property of the Round Rock Dell Diamond. There isn’t anything that I can find online on the historical nature of these particular trees but what I know is that the city of Round Rock was very involved when we were providing routine trimming services to these trees. These trees are considered or protected in nature because of their age and size. These trees are at least 100 years old and will thrive for another 100 years easily with the continual tree trimming that is performed at the Dell Diamond.

In Kyle, TX, there is a tree that is known as the Kyle Auction Oak. This tree was considered a landmark because it was a tree that marked the established land for the 1st building in Kyle, TX. This was its county clerk’s office on land donated by a railroad company. Now , the county clerk office has been moved but the tree remains. There is also another tree in Kyle, TX that is called “Hangman’s Tree”. Naturally you can assume what happened at that tree that gives it historical significance! Read more about the famous trees in Texas on the Texas Forestry Service website.

The common them in the preservation process of ALL famous trees really anywhere in the Texas involve some sort of tree trimming plan that is routinely done. I encourage owners of beautiful trees to do the same. The beauty that those trees provide have to be great for your soul!