Cold Weather Tree Care

This time of year in Texas has us covering up our plants and warm weathered trees like Palm Trees and Citrus Trees. It’s really the right thing to do. I wanted to go over some common protection tips that can reduce the chance of frost or cold weather damage to your trees. It really is important to do at least something to those trees in preparation for the infrequent freezes that take place in Central Texas. There are easy steps that you can do just before cold fronts and there are steps that you can take that can be taken during the spring and summer that provide protection benefit as well. Let’s take a look at those…..

Summer Tree Care For Winter

Trees that are hearty and healthy do the best when cold snaps blow through Austin. If you’re choosing new trees to plant on your property and you’re concerned with potential damage from cold weather then you may want to consider trees or plants that are recommended for the next zone just north of us. Those types of trees typically will do much better in cold months like we are having currently here in Central Texas. Man, it is cold out! But in the summer months, you should be properly watering not just the tree but the around the entire canopy of the tree. This practice during the summer and fall months will make the soil more hearty and absorbent in preparation to hold in heat for the cold months on top of providing immediate benefit of hydration. Soil that has been properly watered for an extended period of time becomes denser so it holds in much more heat during cold snaps. Read about watering live oaks.

Adding a layer of mulch or wood chips around the base and canopy reach of a tree will also help the tree during the winter months in a few ways. On top of improving the quality of the soil during the summer months by adding natural covering around the tree provides density to the soil and gives another layer of warmth to the root system. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture which was adds additional warmth to the tree system so that warmth can be pass on to the limbs and leaves.

Removing any weeds around the mulched areas around trees helps with moisture retention as well. Moisture retention is a huge benefit during the cold months so anything else within the canopy’s border of the tree that competes for moisture should be removed if possible.

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