Austin Southern Live Oak

The Austin area has wonderful live oak trees. There are two types of live oaks in the United States. The Sand Live Oak is found on the east coast. The Southern Live Oak is found here in Central Texas. I wanted to share some information in how to care for them plus a little more about the Southern Live Oak’s history here in the Austin, TX area. Live Oaks have not only been considered wonderful, lush trees just recently but they were considered sacred by some early Texans as well….

The Southern Live Oak is beautiful, no question about it. Great examples of how live oaks can look like can be found on the grounds of the Texas State Capital right in downtown Austin. Those trees have been maintained just about to perfection so that they will continue to grow for years and years to come. It is obvious that they have been selectively and routinely trimmed to improve their look. Another famous Live Oak tree in downtown Austin is the Treaty Oak. This well known tree is the last surviving tree to an original cluster of 14 live oaks in downtown Austin as well. This cluster of trees was considered sacred to the Native American, Comanche and Tonkawa Tribes. It’s a great story and you should read more about it or even go and see it. It is located near 5th and 6th St at Baylor St. Even the Treaty Oak has tree trimming maintenance provided to it.

Ultimately, Live Oaks will survive fine without fertilizer and preventative insect/disease control. The live oaks will not live up to their fullest potential without them providing good and periodic tree trimming to it. Most general live oaks can get buy without tree trimming but to have trees that look large, strong, healthy, and provide full/lush branches then you’ll want to trim those live oaks every 2-4 years. The reason is because removing the tree limbs and even smaller branches that are either dead, dying, or not producing foliage will help re-divert the tree’s energy to overall improving it’s desirable branches and limbs.

There are 3 different levels of tree trimming we abide by that are set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture. Read more about those tree trimming levels. The fact is there are really solid benefits that you can add as an investment to your Southern Live Oaks just by a regular schedule of tree trimming on your property. If the tree is too large, dangerous to climb, or you need a professional tree trimming company’s help for any other reason then trust a tree service company that knows these types of trees quite well. We’ve been serving Austin for over 24 years!

Let me know if there are any tree service, arboriculture, or just in general tree related to pick that you’d be interested in reading Brents Tree Service’s take on.